Transport >> Amsterdam


Bus transfer                                                         On request

Bus transfer is possible for small and big groups. This fast,
reliable and representative services will make your transport
very comfortable.


Business taxi                                                        On request

This is the ideal solution when you would like to have a
luxury transportation way. The drivers are dressed in suits and
the stylish luxury car has no taxi light. The taxi driver will
welcome you at the airport meeting point and will bring you
personally to the car.


Water taxi                                                            On request

The water taxi is an original and special way for transporting
small groups. This water taxi can transport a maximum
amount of 8 persons. The water taxis are equipped with a
minibar on board.


VIP water taxi                                                      On request

The VIP water taxi is an original and special way to transport
big groups. The VIP water taxis are equipped with a minibar.


Bike rental                                                           On request

The traditional Dutch bike is a very afforable, environmentally,
friendly and fun way of transportation. We can deliver bikes
from different meeting points. We also deliver the bikes at
the hotel were you are staying of on an other required location.


Luxury boat                                                         On request

The canals of Amsterdam are the fastest and the most ideal
transport way in Amsterdam. For example from a hotel to a
restaurant of vice versa. The luxurious boat can transport a lot
of guest at the same time. The boat has crew on board, a
sundeck and a private toilet.


Jeep rental                                                         On request

Do you want to surprise your guest? Book a classic,
renovated Jeep. This Jeep is a very original and nice way
to transport your guests. Especially for car lovers is this
an unique experience.


Salon boat                                                           On request

With this salon boat you will be transported on a very stylish
way. Enjoy on the same time the wonderful view of the canals.


Bike taxi                                                              On request

You will see everywhere in Amsterdam the bike taxis. The bike
taxis are a sustainable and an environmentally friendly way of
transport. They are also very ideal for short distances.


Tuk Tuk                                                               On request

If you want an original transportation vehicle and are bored of
the simple bus or taxi, then the Tuk Tuk is the ideal solution for
your transportation. 4 people can be carried per Tuk Tuk.